Agribusiness software company expands international operations

LFPec, a group focused on raising, rearing and marketing beef cattle, is in the development phase of a project that integrates internet of things with the company’s management software.

LFPec will have an integrated system between Liberali and LeBov. Photo: Disclosure.

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The project is a pilot in the implementation of an integrated system between Liberali and LeBov, two companies that provide technologies for agribusiness.

Liberali, focused on software for agribusiness and certified by SAP, serves customers from all over Latin America.

LeBov, on the other hand, provides IoT devices to manage the herd. The company provides a radio frequency animal identification system (RFID), known as the “ox chip”.

Through the partnership signed, all LeBov resources will be implanted in the LFPec properties, such as earrings with chips, reading portals and scales.

The captured information will be transmitted to B1 Agribusiness – the SAP Business One agricultural management module.

“Measuring, controlling and managing are still difficult activities for livestock production. Moving the animal to the scale is an exhausting routine for cowboys and the animals themselves. With LeBov’s resources, all of this will be done in a more automated way ”, explains Evandro Goulart, controller at LFPec.

LFPec is already a client of Liberali and has been working with SAP B1 Agribusiness for a year.

The LFPEC feedlots are the part of the operation in which the animals will have LeBov chips integrated into the Liberali management system (B1Agribusiness). Today the company has a pilot at the Jaguar unit, in Diamantino (MT), which has up to 80 thousand static animals.

Liberali has over 17 years of experience and serves clients such as Fazenda Santa Fé, Captar Agrobusiness Confinamento, Grupo Ouro Verde and others.

Partly financed by the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (Fapesp), the LeBov platform is comprised of a package of solutions for the complete tracking of the herd. The model includes a mobile application compatible with all operating systems, ContaGado resource to inventory the herd, ultra-frequency earrings, manual reader and high-precision scale.

LFPec has been operating since 2000 in the extensive, intensive breeding, breeding and fattening of cattle, through a feedlot operation, with operations in the states of Mato Grosso, Bahia and São Paulo.