Brazilian company participates in SAP Business One international event

Liberali, a consultancy specialized in technology for agribusiness, is on an international mission to participate in the “SMB Innovation Summit” events. On the 11th and 12th, the company’s directors participated in the meeting in Barcelona, ​​Spain and are now leaving for the edition in Orlando, in the United States, which takes place between the 18th and 22nd of April. The event is a meeting of SAP Business One partners from around the world.

With an annual edition, the SMB Innovation Summit presents SAP technological and product innovations, industry insights that affect markets and demonstrate their on-premises and cloud resources. Director Régis Liberali and commercial manager Edith Freitas are present with an exclusive stand and presentations on the service to the agribusiness segment.

“This is a great opportunity to recognize specialists, make contacts with successful leaders and present our solutions as a reference in technology for agribusiness. The strategic objective is for all SAP operators in the world to know about B1Agribusiness ”, explains Edith Freitas.

B1Agribusiness already stands out among the agribusiness environment as it is a complementary solution to SAP Business One. Liberali’s differential lies in presenting software composed of several modules that enable the management and control of all agribusiness processes.

With Liberali’s solutions, it is possible to track each head of cattle, control all cycles of operations in the field and integrate information on different platforms such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet or notebook. All of this related to an accounting, tax, cost analysis, people management and report generation. The company provides all translated B1Agribusiness modules.

About Liberali

Provider of technological solutions for agribusiness businesses, which seek high scalability, with cost control, strategic management and assertive decision making. Company with over 17 years of experience in personalized service to major players in the market such as Fazenda Santa Fé, Captar Agrobusiness Confinamento, Grupo Ouro Verde and others. The company has international contracts with clients in Chile and partnerships in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

In 2015, Liberali was certified by the SAP company, through the Toronto unit in Canada, SAP Labs Toronto, which qualifies it as one of the main and largest suppliers of integrated software in Brazil. Headquartered in the city of Cuiabá (MT), Liberali has a highly qualified team to serve customers worldwide. (Advisory of Liberali)