Leading technology companies sign partnership focused on the field


The Israeli precision agriculture startup AgriTask and the Brazilian company specializing in management solutions for agribusiness Liberali have signed an important partnership in which they integrate their systems, allowing the rural producer to reduce the rework of typing agronomic information into the SAP Business Agricultural platform. One. The integration of the systems arose from a demand from a common customer located in Primavera do Leste (MT).

In this client, which plants more than 40,000 ha of soybeans, the partnership between Liberali and AgriTask started with the aim of optimizing the information relaunching processes. According to the companies, today the customer has data synchronization between the two platforms, enabling better control of its operation. In addition, such systems synchronization eliminated steps in the process, making the operation more efficient and reducing the chance of operational errors.

“The partnership with Liberali came about due to the demand of a common client and came in line with our line of work in relation to integrations. The process started with the synchronization of some data between the two platforms, such as the rainfall indexes, and will evolve so that all agronomic operations conducted at AgriTask have their data integrated into the agricultural module of Liberali in an automated way. In addition to the reduction of rework, this will allow the customer to have access to its indicators, both agronomic and financial, in a much simpler, complete and reliable way ”, explains Pedro Selegato, AgriTask’s director of operations.

The AgriTask platform and the partnership with Liberali are focused on agriculture, but without restrictions in terms of crops. Pedro Selegato explains that the flexible architecture allows any plant production operation to use the platform. “One of our great differentials is the flexibility and ability to integrate with field sensors and other platforms such as Liberali. In addition to the integration with Liberali, we are also integrated with several field sensors, such as weather stations, soil moisture sensors, irrigation controllers, image providers, machine monitoring systems, among others ”.

According to the director of Innovations at Liberali, Toni Edgar, these partnerships are always welcome, “because there is a lot of aggregation of technologies and mainly, bringing practical results to our client, making him more agile and prepared for decision making, with this project we are delivering in practice a large worldwide IOT case ”.

About AgriTask

AgriTask appeared in 2010 in Israel and started operations in Brazil in 2014. It is a digital platform for agronomic management of agricultural production with the purpose of improving visibility on field operations, technical inspections, production environment, spatial variability , providing information so that decision making is technically well-founded. Today it serves customers in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

About Liberali

Liberali is a company that provides technological solutions for global agribusiness, serving clients seeking compliance, cost control, strategic management and assertive decision making. The company with over 18 years of experience develops more than 24 vertical management solutions for SAP and in 3 languages. Genuinely from Mato Grosso, Liberali has clients spread over more than 20 countries.