Liberali receives outstanding innovation award from SAP

Prêmio Destaque Inovação 2019

The use of technology on a rural property can make all the difference in productivity gains and cost savings. The use of livestock management software, for example, allows the producer to manage the nutrition and feeding of the animals until the tracking and integration between livestock and agriculture. Between November 21 and 23, Liberali, SAP partner, will be at InterCorte 2018 – São Paulo stage, at the WTC Golden Hall, in São Paulo (SP), where it will present the livestock and feedlot modules of B1Agribusiness.

B1Agribusiness is a suite of several modules for the management of agribusiness. The technology allows from the tracking of each head of cattle existing on the property to the control of all cycles of operations in the field, integrating all information on different platforms such as computer, cell phone, tablet or notebook so that everything is related to an accounting implementation. , tax, cost analysis, people management and reporting.

B1Agribusiness is a management technology that stands out today among agribusiness as it is a complementary solution to SAP Business One. In the livestock activity B1Agribusiness has modules aimed at livestock and feedlot.

The livestock module of B1Agribusiness is a system that manages all livestock management, managing nutrition and feeding, as well as managing the reproduction of animals and their categories with productivity indicators and integrating farming with livestock, making use of pasture for fattening animals. The confinement module aims to control the fattening of animals, including the purchase, identification and sale of animals.

Such management technologies aimed at the livestock activity will be presented by Liberali during InterCorte – São Paulo Stage that will take place between November 21st and 23rd at WTC Golden Hall, in the capital of São Paulo. InterCorte is part of “Integrar para Crescer”, a communication platform that involves events and actions with the aim of disseminating quality information, reverberating the relevant topics and discussions to the sector.

The edition of InterCorte in São Paulo, in addition to the lectures and panels, has a business fair with the participation of leading companies in livestock, including Liberali.

The InterCorte 2018 schedule – São Paulo stage will address the Paths of Genetics, Paths of the ILPF, Paths of Milk, Paths of the Ox 7.7.7., Paths of Communication, among others.

Check out the management technologies that make up Liberali’s portfolio here.

About Liberali

With over 17 years of experience in personalized service to major players in the national and international market, Liberali is a company that provides technological solutions for agribusiness businesses, seeking high scalability, with cost control, strategic management and assertive decision making. . In addition to Brazil, the consulting firm specializing in business management software with a focus on client business excellence has international contracts in countries such as Chile and partnerships in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

Headquartered in Cuiabá (MT), Liberali in 2015 was certified by the SAP company, through the Toronto unit in Canada, SAP Labs Toronto. The certification qualifies the company from Mato Grosso as one of the main and largest suppliers and exporters of integrated software in Brazil.

Liberali has a highly qualified team to serve customers worldwide. Its technological solutions for business management software are composed by B1Agribusiness, Liberali Cloud, B1Sales and SAP Business One.