MT company specialized in management solutions for agro opens office in MG, BA and SP


Agility, ease of use and practicality in field routines combined with cost management and perfect planning, these are some points sought in technological solutions for business management by agroindustries. And it is for this market that Liberali has specialized and is now seeking to consolidate its capillarity in the main agricultural regions of the country.

SAP partner, with 18 years of expertise in the sector, the mato-grossense Liberali has just expanded its area of ​​operation in Brazil with the opening of offices in Uberlândia (MG), Luís Eduardo Magalhães (BA) and Campinas (SP). The expansion aims to get closer to customers who have their solutions together with the SAP Business One solution.

The opening of offices in other states, according to Liberali’s relationship director, Edith Freitas, is part of the company’s expansion planning, which currently has clients and partners in about 20 countries. “We want to be closer to our customers in order to better meet their needs. Liberali invests in technologies and solutions for the agribusiness segment. Minas Gerais, Bahia and São Paulo were already in our expansion plans and we should soon be present in other places ”.

The choice for Minas Gerais, Bahia and São Paulo to kick-start Liberali’s national expansion is due to the fact that they are states of great agricultural production and where we have more than 40 customers and more than 500 users. “We have in our portfolio the certified, homologated solution, a suite of several modules, among them for coffee management, in which it is possible for the producer to follow from the departure of the coffee harvested in the field until its arrival at the unloading yard, and Packing House, which manages all post-harvest processes for fruits and vegetables that have to be classified, packaged and packaged in cold chambers ”, explains Edith Freitas.

About Liberali

Liberali is a company that provides technological solutions for global agribusiness, serving clients seeking compliance, cost control, strategic management and assertive decision making. The company with over 18 years of experience develops more than 24 vertical management solutions for SAP and in 3 languages. Genuinely from Mato Grosso, Liberali has clients spread over more than 20 countries.